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Sending information to NAIT

Your NAIT requirements include providing NAIT with information to register your animals and record their movements. This can be done in the following ways.

Use NAIT's online system

Manually entering information into the NAIT system suits most people with few animals. You can log in to the NAIT system and enter information directly into your account. This option is free to use.

Use paper forms

If you do not have access to a computer or the internet, you can meet your NAIT obligations by using a paper form provided by NAIT. A processing fee applies to this option. For animal registrations the fee is $10 for 10 or fewer animals and $1 for each animal over 10 animals. For animal movements the fee is $20 for 20 or fewer animals and $1 for each animal over 20 animals.

Call us on 0800 624 843 to request paper forms.

Get an authorised person to help

You can get an authorised person to help with your NAIT reporting requirements. An authorised person may be:

  • a PICA delegate - someone you delegate to act on your behalf,
  • a NAIT accredited information provider - a business you contract to act on your behalf, or
  • a NAIT accredited entity - a meat works or sale yard that will automatically record animals movements to them on your behalf.

CSV files

Comma separated value (CSV) files can be used to upload information to the NAIT system. This suits people with a large number of animals. CSV files must be in a specific format. You can create a CSV file by:

  • manually creating an excel spreadsheet and saving it as a CSV file,
  • creating a file as an output from other farm software you use, or
  • creating a file by scanning animal tags and saving the scanned information in an excel spreadsheet.

Find out more about CSV files

The common system interface

The common system interface (CSI) can be used to transact with the NAIT system, and upload animal information in bulk. This is for those with a high level of technical expertise only, and access is by application only.

Read more information for IT developers