Welcome to NAIT

How to register

To register with NAIT you will need to provide details about yourself. If you are a person in charge of animals (PICA), you will also need to provide the location where you are in charge of animals.

  1. Click the button to login or register for the NAIT system on the website.
  2. The NAIT system home page will be displayed. Click 'register & create an account now'.
  3. The registration page will be displayed. Enter your details as prompted. Any fields with an * must be completed.
  4. Read the terms of use by clicking on the blue link. If you agree to them, use the tick box. If you do not agree to them, you will not be able to access the NAIT system.
  5. Confirm that your details are correct and click 'register'.

    Your account details

  6. If you wish to create a NAIT number, click 'yes' (you need to create a NAIT number if you are in charge of animals at a location).
  7. Search for your address by typing it into the address box. Alternatively, use the second search box to search using your herd number, participant code, dairy supply number, FarmsOnLine ID or farm name.

    Creating a NAIT number

  8. Once you have found the property you want to link to the NAIT number you are creating, click on 'add this farm', then 'continue' at the bottom of the page.

    Add your farm to your NAIT number

  9. Now enter your herd number or participant code, so that when you purchase NAIT tags, they are linked to your account. This will make it easier to register your animals later.
  10. Next, enter the property name and select the location type. You will then be able to enter further details required for the property type.
    Important note: Ensure you select the correct primary and secondary production types for your property. The NAIT number primary production type is used to determine which TBfree slaughter levy is charged for any impractical to tag animals that are sent to the works.

    production type point 10 add

  11. Once all details are entered click 'continue' and the NAIT number will be created. This will be displayed on your NAIT account home page.

Need more than one NAIT number?

If you require more than one NAIT number, you can create another one by going to your NAIT account home page. Click 'register a new NAIT number' and follow the above steps again.

Register a new NAIT number