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Register an organisation

If your business is responsible for animals at a fixed location (e.g. sale yards or meat processors) you must register with NAIT and get a NAIT number.

  • If your business plans to apply for NAIT accreditation you must register with NAIT as an organisation.
  • If your business runs 10 or more farms, you may choose to register with NAIT as an organisation.

Benefits of registering as an organisation include being able to have an administrator who can:

  • set up and maintain information about people in charge of animals (PICAs) on the organisation's behalf
  • assign delegates for PICAs, and
  • maintain information about the organisation.

How to register

To register as an organisation you must contact us on 0800 624 843. Our team can also assign the role of an organisation administrator to act on your behalf.

You'll need to have basic information at hand, such as names and contact details of people in the organisation. You'll also need to know your accreditation details if applicable.