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People in charge of animals

A person in charge of animals (PICA) is anyone who is in charge of cattle or deer on a day to day basis. A PICA may or may not be the owner of the animals they are in charge of.

PICAs are responsible for making sure they meet their NAIT requirements to:

  • tag their cattle and deer
  • register their animals
  • record and confirm any animal movements, and
  • keep their details up to date.

PICA delegates

You can assign a PICA delegate to your NAIT number. This may be for a specific period of time or indefinitely. A PICA delegate is someone that you decide can undertake your NAIT requirements, and keep all your personal details up to date on your behalf. The responsibility for meeting NAIT requirements will remain with you as the PICA. A PICA delegate may be required when:

  • your spouse or another family member will be recording NAIT information for your farm
  • you need someone to act on your behalf for a period of time while you are away from the farm
  • you are a farm owner and have a farm manager running the property, or
  • you are a manager at a sale yard or meat processing facility and other people in your organisation need to enter, view or edit the business's NAIT information.

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