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Handling cattle safely

Here are the top five no-bull tips from ACC for handling cattle safely:

  • Keep cattle calm
    Give them time to settle down, particularly when you've just moved them into the yards. After 30 minutes they'll be a lot easier and safer to work with.

  • Always keep your eyes open
    If you're concentrating on a difficult animal you can lose track of what other cattle are doing. Keep looking around, so you're aware of what's going on.

  • Use your voice
    Good cattle handlers use their voices to calm and soothe. But it also lets them know where you are.

  • Carry a big stick
    You need to show authority and confidence or you'll have trouble. So, carry a length of alkathene pipe (a waddy) or a long stick. If you've got a waddy, it makes you look bigger. It also gives you confidence when you're dealing with toey animals.

  • Check the yards before moving cattle in
    Check the layout and know how things work before you take the cattle in. Check the headbail is working and is adjusted for the size of the cattle. Remove anything that might trip you up. Check all gates are properly latched and they can be opened and closed quickly.

For cattle that are too dangerous to tag, the impractical to tag exemption should be used. They must be going directly to a meat processor. This exemption incurs a levy of $13 per head excluding GST.

Visit the ACC website for more information