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Reading tags

Every NAIT approved RFID tag contains a unique number that is linked to an individual animal in the NAIT system. This RFID number is required to register the animal, move the animal and update its details. The tag number can be read in the following ways:

Visually reading the tag

This is best done before the tag is on an animal. Once it is on an animal it will be very difficult to get close enough to safely read the printing. Different types of tags made by different manufacturers are printed in various ways.

Read the guide on entering tag details into the NAIT system

Using a visual panel tag

To be able to identify an animal from a distance, you can use a visual panel tag with larger printing. This is in addition to the NAIT approved RFID tag.

You can choose to use your own type of panel tag, and link the panel tag and RFID tag in the system. Or you can purchase a birth set when buying NAIT approved RFID tags. A birth set comes with a panel tag printed with the same information as the RFID tag. These tags are already linked in the NAIT system.

Find out how to link your tags

Reading tags with an RFID scanner

You can use an electronic scanner to read RFID tags. A scanner will collect the tag data and save it into a file. This file can then be uploaded to the NAIT system when registering animals, or recording animal movements.

Find out how to edit scanner files so they are accepted by the NAIT system

Leave it to a NAIT accredited entity

If you are sending animals to a NAIT accredited sale yard or meat processor, you do not need to have read the tag numbers first. They will scan the tags and record the movement for you.

If you are receiving animals from a NAIT accredited sale yard, they will scan the tags and record the sending movement to you. You must confirm you have received these animals.

View the list of NAIT accredited entities

Have a NAIT accredited information provider do it

A NAIT accredited information provider can help you with your NAIT requirements. They can read tags, register animals and record animal movements on your behalf.

View the list of NAIT accredited information providers

Non-compliant tag printing

Before the NAIT scheme started, some tags were sold where multiple tags had the same information printed on the outside. We have extended the NAIT system to accept these tags when read by a scanner. The visual information in the NAIT system for these tags has been changed to the approved format, so it will not match what is seen on the tag.

These tags require you to use a scanner to read them. They cannot be read using the printing on the tag. If you do not own a scanner and need assistance call our team on 0800 624 843.

Examples of tags with incorrect printing include:

  • Tags with a number range and a year but no participant code, e.g. 09-203
  • Tags with only a number printed on them, e.g. 180
  • Tags with text only, e.g. HIGH COUNTRY FARM
  • Tags with only the 16 digit RFID number, e.g. 911 000003128214
  • Tags with only a year and RFID number, e.g. 09 911 000003128214