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Lost or damaged tags

Correctly applied NAIT approved RFID tags have a high retention rate. But occasionally tags may be lost or damaged.

If a tag is damaged, you must contact NAIT to request permission to remove the tag from the animal first.

If one of your animals loses a tag or has a damaged tag removed you need to:

1. Retag the animal

You can use a replacement tag when re-tagging an animal. If you want the new tag to have the same visual ID as the old tag, you can order a replacement tag with a duplicate visual ID. Duplicate visual ID tags cannot be registered against any other animal.

If you manage your herd using other visual panel tags, you can link any existing visual tags to the new RFID replacement tag.

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2. Update the tag information in the NAIT system

If you do not know which tag was lost, register the animal against the new tag in the same way you would register a newly tagged animal. Lifetime traceability for this animal will be lost.

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If you know which tag was lost, you can simply replace the tag in the NAIT system.

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