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How NAIT tags work

Tags approved for use in the NAIT scheme are RFID (radio frequency identification) tags. They can store information on a microchip inside the tag.

This microchip also holds a globally unique 15 digit number which identifies that tag and the animal it is on once you register the animal in the NAIT system. This 15 digit number is linked to the visual printing you can see on the outside of the tag in the NAIT system. This visual printing is different for different tag types. 

Read about types of tags

NAIT tags come in two broad types - HDX and FDX. This relates to the way they operate when they are scanned by an RFID reader.

HDX and FDX tags differ in both price and functionality. You can choose either option for your NAIT approved tags.

HDX (half duplex)

  • HDX tags must recharge and wait until the reader is in listen mode before the data can be received.
  • HDX technology have a longer read range for similar sized transponders.
  • Some on-farm automation systems (e.g. Protrack) will only work with HDX tags.
  • HDX tags are a popular choice for dairy farmers.

FDX (full duplex)

  • FDX tags transmit their data to the reader as long as they are in the read field of the antenna.
  • FDX tags are suited to most sheep and beef environments.
  • FDX tags are suited to most deer shed environments. 

Both HDX or FDX tags will have better performance if they are read with a scanner that is tuned to that type of tag.

Benefits of RFID technology

RFID technology enables many on farm benefits, including:

  • automated animal drafting, and
  • recording of individual animal details, such as:

- weight
- treatments
- velvet yeild
- breeding information, and
- milk production.

Achieving on farm productivity gains through RFID technology requires further investment, such as RFID reading equipment and computer software suitable for your production type and business needs. This is not mandatory under the NAIT scheme.

Beef+Lamb director and Waiarapa farmer, George Tatham, is an excellent example of how NAIT RFID technology can provide real value when used in conjunction with current on-farm management tools.

“The RFID tags have proved to be very beneficial to us with our trading stock. Providing accurate stock weights and comparison of different lines is very simple to track. We have also been able to compare different forages and the different live weight gains they provide. The RFID technology may seem expensive at the start, but once we realised the benefits, it becomes a very smart investment.”