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Changes to tags

There's 3 things you need to know about upcoming NAIT tag changes:

  • You now need to use your NAIT number when ordering tags.
  • From July 2015, traka and management RFID tags will not be sold.
  • From July 2015, you will only be able to purchase either birth tags (for newborn animals) or replacement tags (for animals that lose their RFID tag).

Read more about the types of tags here

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Your questions answered

Do the changes apply to both cattle and deer tags?

Yes, the changes apply to cattle and deer tags in the same timeframe. 

Can I still use the traka and management RFID tags I've already bought after July 2015?

Yes, previously purchased tags can still be used after July 2015, as long as they were issued before that date.

When should I use a replacement tag?

From July 2015, replacement tags should only be used when an animal loses its original tag. You also need to notify NAIT of the replacement. If you know the original tag number you need to use the ‘replace tag’ function in the NAIT system. If you do not know the original tag number, you’ll need to register the animal again (activate the new tag). 

Find out how to replace a tag
Find out how to register an animal

How much will replacement tags cost compared to traka tags and birth tags?

There is no cost difference between birth tags, traka tags and replacement tags. The only cost difference is between FDX and HDX (HDX are about $1 more expensive).

Why can't I buy traka or management RFID tags after July 2015?

Traka and management tags were brought in as a quick and easy way for farmers to make pre-NAIT animals compliant at the start of the scheme. As the transition period is coming to an end, these tags will not be necessary. Using a birth tag also makes it easier when registering animals as the printed number is shorter.  

Do I still buy tags in the same way as before?

Yes you still by tags in the same way as you did before - through your local rural supply store, your vet, an artificial breeding provider, or normal tag supplier. Remember, from December 2014 you will need to use your NAIT number to order tags.

Will FDX and HDX options be available for birth tags and replacement tags?

Yes, both HDX and FDX will be available. A review of these options will be undertaken next year with the industry, to decide if both of these options are still required in the long term.