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Other tags

Visual panel tags

NAIT approved RFID tags are not intended to be read visually. You may choose to use other visual panel tags to help with identifying your stock. You can also choose to purchase your NAIT tags as a birth set. Birth sets can come with a matching panel tag in a range of sizes, printed with the same information as the RFID tag.

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Animal Health Board (AHB) approved tags

AHB approved tags are no longer required for cattle or deer. The only mandatory tag is the NAIT approved RFID tag. However, existing AHB tags on stock should not be removed.

TB disease management tags

The TBfree New Zealand programme uses different tags for TB disease management purposes. Animals that react to an initial skin test get an orange TB tag in their ear. This shows they have reacted to the test, but will have more testing before being cleared of TB.

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Animals that are being moved from an infected herd, but have returned a negative TB test, have white TB tags placed in their ear. This is for identification and movement control purposes.

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