Refreshed website

We have refreshed our website to improve the content and to make it easier for you to find information. It still looks the same, but you'll notice the content has been refreshed and the location of content is different. To help you find pages that you frequently use, here is a summary of where information is located.

NAIT Basics

This section covers the basic NAIT rules for farmers, lifestylers, events, businesses and transits stops. This is where you would come to find out about exemptions, and what you need to do to comply with the NAIT Act.

Your NAIT Account

Here you'll find information about registering with NAIT, being a person in charge of animals (PICA), how you can send your animal information to NAIT, how to generate reports from the NAIT system about your farm, and what to do if you're moving farms.

Tag Your Animals

This section covers the NAIT tagging rules and exemptions, how to tag, what tags to buy, what to do if an animal loses or damages a tag, how to read NAIT tags, and how to link tags in the NAIT system.

Manage Your Animals

Here you'll find out about registering your animals and keeping their details up to date, what to do if you're sending or receiving animals, and how to manage your NAIT obligations for missing animals, on farm animal deaths, and charity stock donations.

Help & Support

This is where you can find our contact details, find a local NAIT accredited provider to help with your NAIT obligations, see events where NAIT staff will be present, find contact details for the NAIT field representatives, watch tutorial videos on using the NAIT system, and see a list of common terms explained.