Welcome to NAIT

Scheme background

NAIT Ltd as the NAIT Organisation (PDF, 1 page)
1 June 2013

The letter from the Minister for Primary Industries designating NAIT Ltd as the NAIT organisation.

NAIT Stage Two Business Case (PDF, 282 pages)
1 December 2009

Information on the development and implementation of NAIT as an entity.

Review of Selected Cattle Identification and Tracing Systems Worldwide (PDF, 64 pages)
1 February 2009

Information on global animal identification and tracing systems in relation to biosecurity.

NAIT Statement on use of Animal Identifiers (PDF, 2 pages)
1 September 2008

NAIT position statement on the use of animal identifiers and the roles of NAIT in considering new and emerging animal identifiers technologies.

NAIT Implementation Discussion Documents (PDF, 56 pages)
1 June 2008

Information regarding the development of a national approach to animal identifiers to meet market access, biosecurity, food safety and on farm needs.