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Closed consultations

Impractical to tag animals

13 November 2015

Consultation open: 13/11/2015 - 11/12/2015

We worked with primary industry groups and the Ministry for Primary Industries to review the NAIT impractical to tag policy. This policy covers what happens when an animal cannot be tagged and is sent to a meat processor.

This consultation proposes the following:

  • Impractical to tag animals can continue to be sent to a meat processor untagged.
  • A levy will continue to apply to these animals.
  • The levy will change from $13.00 to $13.33 per animals (ex GST).
  • The policy will apply for the next three years (levy subject to annual review).

Consultation progress update - April 2016

Device Standards for Cattle and Deer

25 July 2014

Consultation open: 25/7/2014 - 22/8/2014

NAIT is seeking feedback on proposed changes to the cattle and deer device standards. Submissions are due by 22 August 2014. 

Proposed Cattle Device Standard
Proposed Deer Device Standard

Analysis of submissions

Cattle Levies 2014

29 January 2014

Consultation open: 29/1/2014 - 14/2/2014

NAIT is proposing a reduction to the cattle slaughter levy, which will reduce the total costs of the NAIT scheme to industry. Your views on the proposed reduction are now sought. Submissions are due by 14 February 2014.

Tag Ordering System

11 March 2013

Consultation open: 11/3/2013 - 5/4/2013

This consultation document reviews NAIT's requirements for tag ordering and explores possible models for the ordering of NAIT tags in the future.

Cattle Levies 2013

12 February 2013

Consultation open: 12/2/2013 - 1/3/2013

This consultation document outlines the review and analysis undertaken by NAIT Ltd for the proposal to lower cattle tag and slaughter levy rates.

Cost Recovery

28 November 2011

Consultation open: 28/11/2011 - 23/12/2011

This consultation document seeks cattle and deer owners' feedback on a new levy.

Analysis of submissions

Accreditation Standard

1 October 2011

Consultation open: 1/10/2011 - 31/10/2011

This consultation document explains NAIT accreditation and seeks feedback on a draft accreditation standard.

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