Protecting your winter grazing business

24 July 2014

Both graziers and those sending animals for grazing have obligations under the NAIT programme to record the movements of animals from farm to farm.

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July marks final countdown for cattle in NAIT transition

1 July 2014

Farmers have one year left to make sure all cattle are tagged and registered with NAIT. 

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Play your part in protecting the farming sector

15 May 2014

Farmers shifting stock this season are being urged to keep their contact details and animal movements up to date.

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NAIT helping graziers keep up to date

5 May 2014

Farmers grazing stock this season can keep track of their animals by ensuring their NAIT records are up to date.

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NAIT cleans up farmers' inboxes

24 March 2014

Significant improvements to NAIT notification emails are set to reduce the amount of time spent online for farmers and make it easier to keep their NAIT records up to date. 

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