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Transit stops

A transit stop is a location where cattle or deer are temporarily held during transport between two locations.

If you are the owner of a location used as a transit stop, you are legally required to register that location as a transit stop with NAIT. You do not need to assign a person in charge of animals (PICA) for a transit stop.

There is no requirement to record animal movements to and from transit stops if:

  • the animals are only held there temporarily
  • they are not mixed with any other cattle or deer while at the transit stop, and
  • are not for sale or trade.

To register a transit stop call us on 0800 482 463, or complete the following form and return to us by either:

  • scanning and emailing to info@nait.co.nz
  • posting to NAIT Ltd, PO Box 3412, Wellington 6140, or
  • faxing to 0800 482 329.

Download the transit stop registration form