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Infringement fees

Our goal is to get everybody on board with NAIT so that you, your community and New Zealand can reap the benefits of tighter disease control and continued access to export markets.  

The first step in our approach to getting NAIT working for everyone is to work with farmers, educating them on their obligations and helping them to meet them. The information collected by NAIT allows OSPRI to identify people who aren't playing by the rules, so if you aren't doing your bit we will let you know where you’re are falling short and offer a hand to get you back on track.

However sometimes people just don’t want to play by the rules. This jeopardizes the effort put in by other farmers throughout the country, it also breaks the law. If we've spoken to you a number of times and you continue to ignore your NAIT obligations, your case will be escalated to MPI who may seek to recover infringement fees in the first instance. In some cases MPI may take legal action against repeat offenders. 

Read the full description of offences in the regulations

Offence Description Infringement Fee
Failure to register as a PICA $300
Failure to register a NAIT animal $150
Failure to record the movement of an animal $150
Failing to NAIT tag an animal $150
Failing to apply a replacement tag and registering that animal if a tag is lost or damaged $150
Applying the wrong tag for the animal species (e.g. applying an orange tag to cattle) $150
If a NAIT animal arrives at a location without a NAIT tag, failing to either return the animal or fit a replacement tag and register the animal $150
Failure to notify NAIT of an event and register its location $150
Failure to register a transit stop $150
Failure to report the death of an animal $150
Failure to inform NAIT of changes to your personal information $150
Failure to take all reasonable steps to ensure information supplied to NAIT is correct $150
Failure to report the export of a live animal $150
Failure to comply with restrictions on use of information from the NAIT system $1000
Failure to comply with prohibitions against disclosure of data from the NAIT system $1000
Failure to comply with other restrictions imposed on those with access to NAIT data $1000