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NAIT guidelines for sale yards

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Untagged animals

If an animal arrives at a sale yard without a NAIT RFID tag, the sale yard must either:

  • return the animal to the sending PICA, or
  • apply an RFID tag.

Animals cannot move from a sale yard to another location (except back to the sender) without a NAIT tag.

A sale yard can impose any tagging fee they feel necessary to the sending PICA for the service of tagging an animal. These fees are not imposed or collected by NAIT.

Sale yard tags can be ordered directly from a NAIT approved tag manufacturer using the sale yard PICA's NAIT number. These tags can only be used at the location for which they were ordered.

Removal of tags

NAIT tags cannot be removed without permission from NAIT. You can get permission by calling us on 0800 624 843. You can also apply for ongoing authority to remove tags, instead of applying each time.

When tags are removed, the RFID number must be provided to NAIT.

If an animal arrives at a sale yard with two RFID tags, you will need to remove one of the tags.

Tags that don't scan

If a tag does not read electronically you can either:

  • read the visual printing on the female part of the tag and use this to record the animal movement, or
  • remove the tag and replace it with another NAIT RFID tag that does scan.

Misreads of tags

Sale yards must ensure that the RFID number of every animal in a line or pen is read and recorded. When you know that you have read fewer RFID numbers than there are animals present, we recommend that you re-scan those animals.

Orange tags in cattle

NAIT RFID tags for cattle must be white on both sides. Orange tags can only be used for deer. Cattle fitted with orange tags should be treated as untagged animals. You should tell NAIT about these by sending us the sending PICA's NAIT number and details.

Calving at a sale yard

If a cow has a calf at a sale yard you can either:

  • tag the calf with a NAIT RFID tag before it moves to a new owner, or
  • return the calf to the farm where the cow was sent from.

Death at a sale yard

If a cattle beast dies at a sale yard, you must:

  • declare the animal is dead with NAIT,
  • tell NAIT how it died and where it was disposed of, and
  • complete the movement from the sending PICA to the sale yard.

Sale yards used as transit stops

A sale yard that is also used as a transit stop must be registered with NAIT as a transit stop by the property owner. Animals that are in transit do not need to have movements recorded.

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