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NAIT guidelines for meat processors

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Slaughter levy

Cattle farmers are required to pay a NAIT slaughter levy of $0.50 (excluding GST) per carcase. The NAIT slaughter levy does not apply to deer. The deer industry's contribution to NAIT is paid directly by Deer Industry New Zealand.

Impractical to tag levy

Farmers with cattle or deer that cannot safely be tagged and are being sent directly to slaughter may choose not to NAIT tag these animals. An impractical to tag (ITT) levy of $13 (plus GST) applies to these animals. The ITT levy applies only to cattle or deer that arrive at a processor without a NAIT tag and that do not fall under an exemption category. It should not be charged where tags are present but do not scan.

Tags that don't scan

If a scanner does not recognise there is a NAIT approved RFID tag on an animal, processors should check to see if one is present. If a NAIT approved tag does not read electronically, look for the numbers printed on the female part of the tag. These numbers should be used to record the animal movement in the kill file.

Bobby calves

Bobby calves less than 30 days old are exempt from NAIT tagging requirements. The impractical to tag and slaughter levies do not apply to these animals.

Fallow deer

Fallow deer are exempt from NAIT tagging requirements. The impractical to tag levy does not apply to these animals. A Deer Industry New Zealand slaughter levy for NAIT is charged for fallow deer at 0.69 cents per kilogram of carcase weight. Movement information for these animals must be provided to NAIT.

Feral deer

There is no requirement for meat processors to upload any slaughter information to NAIT about feral deer that arrive dead at a meat processing plant.

On-selling animals

Any live animal being on-sold from a meat processor to another NAIT number must be tagged, and an animal movement must be recorded with NAIT.