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How to stocktake

Stocktake is a feature which allows you to scan all your animals (or a group of them) and upload one file to the NAIT system. The system will then do some behind the scenes magic to help update your account. 

The stocktake function should only be used to help you to get your account up-to-date. It does not replace the requirements to register your animals and record movements on and off your property.

How to upload a stocktake file

  1. Log on to the NAIT system.
  2. Select 'import CSV file'.
  3. Select 'click to upload file' next to stocktake.

    Quick tips:
     - Make sure you upload the file on the same day as scanning so your account is updated with current information.
     - Only scan live animals – not tags sitting in your shed.
     - If you have more than one NAIT number, make sure the file has the correct NAIT number for where the animals actually are.
     - A stocktake can’t be reversed, so make sure the information is accurate.

    Click to upload stocktake file
  4. Browse to the file on your computer and click 'open'. The file will then be uploaded to the NAIT system. The system will show you what has been done with all the records uploaded.

    Stocktake 2
  5. Download the results file for your future records. You won’t be able to access it again after you leave the page.