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Get your NAIT account up-to-date

There’s an easy new way to get your NAIT account up-to-date called ‘stocktake’. Using a scanner, you can scan all your animals (or a group of them) and upload one file to the NAIT system. This needs to be done on the day of scanning to make sure the information is current. The system will then do some behind the scenes magic to help update your account. The following will be done automatically for you:

  • Unregistered animals will be registered to your account. They will not have lifetime traceability unless you add the animals’ birth information afterwards. Find out how to update animal details.
  • Any animals with a status in the NAIT system of missing, dead or exported will be updated to alive.
  • Animals that have pending movements to you will be confirmed.
  • Animals that were not on your NAIT number will now show as being on your property.

The stocktake function should only be used to help you to get your account up-to-date. It does not replace the requirements to register your animals and record movements on and off your property.

Find out how to do a stocktake

What won’t it do?

A stocktake will not remove any animals from your account that you didn't scan. This is because we don’t assume you've scanned your whole herd as it may not be practical to do so.

Find out how to pull a list of animals you haven’t included in a stocktake

Animals with tags that are invalid, pre-NAIT or that have a lost or damaged status in the NAIT system will not be processed. You can also not perform a stocktake for a NAIT number which is not on your account.

Quick tips

  • Upload the file on the same day as scanning so your account is updated with current information.
  • Check that your file doesn't include any extra information (e.g. animal names, special characters like ?,!).
  • Only scan live animals – not tags sitting in your shed.
  • If you have more than one NAIT number, make sure the file has the correct NAIT number for where the animals actually are.
  • A stocktake can’t be reversed, so make sure the information is accurate.
  • Once you upload the file and the system has processed it, download and save the results file for your future reference. You won’t be able to access it again after you leave the page.