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Test-a-bull, move-a-bull, trace-a-bull

If you're leasing bulls for mating this year, there's a few things you need to do which will help safeguard your business.

When you're leasing out your service bulls:

  • Get your bulls TB tested - it's free and gives the farmer leasing him peace of mind
  • Vaccinate them for BVD (bovine viral diarrhoea) 
  • Fill in the animal status declaration (ASD) form to accompany the moving animal
  • Record your bulls movement to the farmer leasing him in the NAIT system (find out their NAIT number first)

When you're leasing service bulls for your herd:

  • Be careful about where you source bulls from - ask and understand the disease risk, especially relating to theileria, TB, BVD and parasites
  • Make sure you know their TB status and whether they have been TB tested
  • Confirm the movement from the bull's owner in NAIT and make sure you get the completed ASD form
  • Ask your vet for advice on quarantine drenching of bulls

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