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If you are taking an animal to an event you must record a movement to the event. You will need to enter into the NAIT system:

  • the type of movement (i.e. to or from an event)
  • the date of the movement
  • the event, and
  • the RFID tag numbers of the animals going to the event.

The event will be registered with NAIT, so you can simply select the event name, event NAIT number, or the event organiser's name.

The return movement must also be recorded. This can be done up to four days in advance. If you sell an animal at an event, a movement must be recorded from your property to the event, then from the event to the new owner's property.

Find out how to create an event movement

School pet days

School pet days are exempt from movement recording obligations. This is due to the small number of animals, short distances travelled and young age of animals involved. All animals that attend school pet days must be:

  • tagged with a NAIT RFID tag, and
  • registered in the NAIT system.

You do not need to record animal movements to and from school pet days.