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Registering exempt animals

Fallow and trophy deer are exempt from NAIT tagging requirements. They cannot be individually registered in the NAIT system. However, you must still record how many of these animals are on your property. This number needs to be updated annually.

How to register exempt animals

  1. Log on to the NAIT system.
  2. Select the NAIT number where you want to register the animals.
  3. Select 'NAIT number details' in the left hand column, then click 'change' in the farm details section.

    Select change in the 'farm details' section

  4. Enter the total number of untagged deer on your property. This includes any deer born before 1 March 2013 that are not yet tagged and deer exempt from tagging. Then specify how many are fallow and trophy deer.

Remember to update the number of untagged animals on your property every year.