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Receiving animals

Under the NAIT scheme, animal movements must be recorded by both the sending and receiving parties. All movements of animals must be confirmed as being received within 48 hours of the animals arriving. This includes any movements to your property from a sale yard, event, by private sale or any other type of movement.

If you are receiving animals from a NAIT accredited entity such as a sale yard, you must still confirm the movement yourself.

Confirm a movement

The sending party should record the movement in the NAIT system within 48 hours. This will create an alert to you that animals have been recorded as being sent to your NAIT number. If you have your email notifications on, you will receive an email advising you that animals have been sent to your NAIT number. You will need to log on to the NAIT system to confirm the movement.

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Create a receiving movement

If the sending party does not record the sending movement, you can:

  • contact the sender and ask them to record the movement, or
  • create a receiving movement yourself.

Creating a receiving movement means you are still able to meet your NAIT requirements even if the sender has not completed their side of the movement.

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Receiving exempt animals

As fallow and trophy deer are exempt from tagging requirements they cannot be individually traced in the NAIT system. However, you must still confirm you have received these animals.

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Need help?

If you need help understanding or meeting your NAIT requirements you can:

  • call us on 0800 624 843 or email us at info@nait.co.nz
  • assign a PICA delegate to act on your behalf, or
  • use a NAIT accredited information provider to act on your behalf.

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Find a local NAIT accredited information provider