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Animal death

If one of your animals dies you must update the NAIT system. This includes natural death or home kill. Animal deaths at a meat processor will be recorded on your behalf.

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How to report an animal death

  1. Log on to the NAIT system.
  2. Click on the NAIT number where the deceased animal was registered. You will be directed to the 'registered animals' page.
  3. Select the deceased animal by clicking the check box to the left of the tag number. Then click 'edit selected animals' and choose 'record animal as dead' from the drop down menu.

    Edit selected animals

    Record animal as dead

  4. The animal status will then be automatically changed to dead. Enter the date of death, if it was slaughtered, how it was disposed of and the carcase disease status. Click 'save' to complete.

    Enter death details

How to undo an animal status update

If an animal has had their status incorrectly changed, you can correct it.

  1. In the search box on the 'registered animals' page, enter the tag number of the animal.
  2. Change the search filter from 'active' to 'all'.
  3. The tags will appear underneath. Select the animals you want to update by clicking the check boxes to the left of the tag number. Then click 'update animal details'.
  4. You can then change the status to the correct one, and click 'save'.