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Tag your animals

All newborn cattle must be tagged with a NAIT approved RFID ear tag before they are six months old, or before they move of farm - whichever is soonest.

The only exemption is for calves less than 30 days old going direct to a meat processor (bobby calves), with a direct to slaughter tag issued by the meat processor. These animals do not need a NAIT tag.

NAIT RFID tags should be applied:

  • to the right ear
  • to the central/inner part of the ear between the two veins, and
  • with the female part of the tag facing forward.

Correct ear tag placement

This will ensure a high retention rate.

Register your animals

Once tagged, you must register all your calves in the NAIT system within one week, or before they move off farm - whichever is soonest. Registration links individual animals to tags in the NAIT system so they can be traced. This year's calves will be enabled for lifetime traceability if they are registered at their farm of birth.

Find out how to register animals