Welcome to NAIT

Tutorial videos

Here you'll find some helpful videos on using the NAIT system. Like anything new, once you have used the online system a few times it will become more familiar. If you need help at any stage please call 0800 482 463 and our contact centre will be able to help you.

  1. Choose the tutorial you would like to view from the menu on the left hand side of this screen.
  2. Start the tutorial by clicking the play button.
  3. You can increase the video to full screen size by clicking the button in the bottom right hand corner of the video.
  4. You can pause the tutorial at any stage by clicking the pause button on the bottom left hand side of the video.
  5. If you need to rewind and repeat a section of the clip, you can click and drag the time bar to the desired position.
  6. Once you have finished watching the video, press the 'esc' button on your keyboard to exit full screen mode, and get back to the NAIT website.