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Types of accreditation

Individuals or organisations dealing with cattle or deer can apply to become a NAIT accredited information provider and/or an entity. Accreditation allows the individual or organisation to carry out certain functions on behalf of a person in charge of animals (PICA).

Information Providers

NAIT accredited information providers can be contracted by a person in charge of animals to undertake their NAIT obligations on their behalf. This may include:

  • registering animals, and
  • recording animal movements.


NAIT accredited entities may be businesses such as meat processors or sale yards. An accredited entity will declare movements to their NAIT location on the sending farmers behalf automatically. A contract for this service is not required between the farmer and the entity. An entity may also be accredited as an information provider.

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How are information providers accredited?

People or organisations become NAIT accredited by meeting the required standard and demonstrating their competence in using the NAIT system. Standards include:

  • Registration as a New Zealand company.
  • Designated individuals to carry out the tasks.
  • Submitting data in a way that meets NAIT requirements.
  • 100% accuracy of data transfer.
  • Established and rigorous data and privacy management processes.
  • Appropriate emergency-planning and disaster-recovery management.
  • Ability to meet NAIT timeframes for transfer of data.

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